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        why choose us

        Shanghai Tiger 8 Network Technology Co., Ltd.,was founded in 2013, is a collection of electrical business operation, brand promotion and data digging area, Integration of the interactive marketing company. Tiger 8 stock concentrated on high-end men and women clothes, comprehensive decorations brand marketing, The fashion industry of high-end consumer class, not only owned millions of high-end accurate member, but also owned fashion media and public resource. All of that can provide comprehensive strategy, marketing consultant and integrated solution for the enterprise brand. Meanwhile the Tiger 8 stock as Tmall’s gold medal operator has the comprehensive ,timely and connecting official resource of good quality. Also the international brand of Tiger 8 enter into the Tmall can be presented on the prominent place in the Tmall big brand day, big brand street and so on. It takes more flux and invert at the same time for the brand and also make the better popularize and spread for the brand image , therefore, forming the positive development and interaction of the brand and the consumer. In 2015, the forth subsidiaries of Tiger8 named “Tiger 8 KAIFU” was founded in Korea , devoted to make Korea top fashion one-stop convey to domestic market rapidly, It will takes more diversified apparel choice and excellent service to the domestic consumers.

        Our company finished the acquisition of SC Fashion which was a very famous designing brand. SC Fashion was designed by the China's Top Fashion designer QiGang's professional team. This was a step of our company's strategic target. On Jan. 9th, 2017, Shanghai Tiger 8 Network Science &Technology Corporation Ltd. [stock code: 870164] The bell ceremony of listing on the stock market was holding in National Equities Exchange and Quotations. Tiger 8 stock was start formally on capital stock. By the listing of "New Three Board" , Tiger 8 stock are going to work hard with the top fashion area and finding more chance to develop at the same time with the aid of Tiger 8 stock capital and its own fashion source. Eventually, Tiger8 aims to become a new retail company, which focuses on high-end lifestyle and based on consumer experience.

        • Advantages of industries

          Tiger 8 stock concentrated on high-end men and women clothes, comprehensive decorations brand marketing, owned fashion media and public resource,marketing consultant and integrated solution for the enterprise brandMeanwhile the Tiger 8 stock as Tmall’s gold medal operator has many resources indeed.

        • Integrated marketing

          Tiger 8 is concentrated on electronic commerce, consolidate the supply chain of the brand get through all the sale channel of the brand to achieve the brand linkage of online and offline, helping the brand to set up the unified management and supervisor of online and offline for enforcing the indeed electronic commerce integrated marketing.

        • Peak visual

          We employ the visual designer of clothing industries to sit in the originality center of Tiger8 stock and integrate the specialty and tunefulness of brand itself to create correspondent online visual appearance.

        • CRM system

          The customer database are of a full integration system and it can analyze the varies data precisely, also push the brand information that the customer were interested in based on their purchasing habit online. It can achieve the real time monitoring of daily flow and turnover of each brand.To adjust the operation plan of the brand by the tendency.Eventually achieve the conversion of secondary sale in integral mall based on the amount of purchasing and accumulative integral of customers.

        • VIP customer base

          Tiger 8 stock have many VIP shopping group including the high quality and have high frequency interaction VIP member everyday. They can enjoy the exclusive rights and interests as VIP member. They are also a group of highly educated and have strict requirements of life as we called high quality women , they have their own unique understanding of high-end fashion and they can attract more high quality member enroll to our VIP group.

        • Leverage marketing

          Tiger 8 stock has 30 more brand in its subsidiaries, brand with brand leverage each other marketing can achieve the page view up to one hundred million every year, the one hundred million page view reach the percent conversion definitely will be a considerable number and can attract more favor of consumers, therefore progressive the customer loyalty.Continuing the emotion interaction between the members.

        We concentrated on high-end fashion industries and provided professional integrated electricity marketing solutions,The e-commerce brand management expert that gained many brand owner’s approval.Joining the Tiger8 stock is not only about sale , but also get refined internally and externally to magnify the brand image.
        HOW TO JOIN US
        How to operate the specific cooperation process
        • initial acquaintance
          website inquires
          inquiry by telephone
          interview acquaintance
        • provide scheme
          current situation of brand
          competitive brand
          operation plan
          marketing plan
          commodity plan
          sales budget
        • confirm intention
          cooperation condition
        • sign the contract
          confirm the terms
          pay the bills
        • opening prepare
          designated team
          customer service train
          store decoration
          commodity shoot
        • official opening
          opening scheme
          commodity putaway
          opening promotion
        • continue support
          pre-sale service
          after-sale service
          develop customer resource
          periodic report
          promotion train
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